Sidemen Logo Redesigns

KSI's logo was by far the most fun to create, trying to keep the main theme of his current logo by using a brush stroke effect was super fun.

Zerkaa's logo is probably the most solid out of all the current sidemen logos. There wasnt much i would change on this design aside from the rounded edges. I swapped them out for more sharp edges and edited a few of the letters to make it all mesh well together.

Vikk's logo was super fun. Originally I had created it but without the BOLD red and blue of his OG logo so I swiftly changed the colour palette to fit that. This design also falls in line with the Royal Ravens logo design with a similar shape and layout.

For Miniminter's logo I had this idea of it being based around a diamond, theres something about the word MINTer that gave me a diamond idea. That's pretty much it, a diamond within two M's. 

Behzinga's logo currently is a laughing Emoji which fits Ethans personality but doesnt quite translate well as a logo. This was probably the hardest logo to create and even now im not 100% happy with it. So I think this will be something I revisit at a later date.

Tobijizzle already had a solid brand so esentially I just took his current Logo and created a more soft look to it. Similar to Ethans logo, I would like to revisit this idea.

W2S, as soon as I began this project I knew what I was going to create straight away. The W being the top of a crown and the 2 & S being placed beneath to make it fit perfectly together.