Jessica Blevins Logo Study

Jessica Blevins held an open contest for designers to submit their own rendition of her JGhosty logo. I was amongst the lucky few that she chose to be finalists and eventually won the final voting round of 4 finalists with a majority vote of 52%. Here is a small breakdown of the design process behind the winning logo design.

Concept Progression

Starting Concept

Final Concept


This was the first idea that came to mind when the contest was announced. I aimed for a very dainty look but i felt the face needed more work.

Leading on from the first concept, Jess gave me feedback which was having a purple’ish colour theme. She wanted the overall feeling to not be too femenine so that anyone will feel comfortable wearing it.

This design was where I knew we were so close to the final version. This one was way more polished off then that previous version. I envisioned this logo to be contained within a circle so the logo weight wasnt too onesided.

I took a day to focus on making some changes to the 3rd concept. I smoothed out some edges, softened the points on the tail end of the ghost. Completely revamped the colour palette and gave it a fresh look with some cutesy eyes.